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A day in the desert

The temps finally cracked the 40 degree barrier so Jason, Marc, Dave, and Darren decided Mathilda needed to see her first Utah dirt and hauled her out to Delle today. Compared to the 29 degrees we endured near Jean in December it felt downright pleasant today. Whether bombing the straights at 80mph or twisting our way through the narrow washes and canyons Mathilda felt planted to the ground and exhilarating to drive. It was the first chance Jason had to spend some time behind the wheel and he couldn’t stop smiling about it all day long. The only near miss we had today was some bullets ricocheting from the hills below. Very nerve wracking to be hanging out, enjoying the sunshine, chatting about Baja, and have a bullet whizzing over your head. Needless to say we pointed out to the nice gentlemen that there were indeed other people in the desert today and he should be a bit more thorough with his safety procedures. We took a few pics as well as some video. Ideally both will be loaded up for your viewing enjoyment before the end of the weekend.